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1. Guy #1 orders SKY from Dealer.
2. SKY delivered to Dealer.
3. Guy #1 shows up to get car with Guy #2.
4. Guy #1 says to title car to Guy #2.
5. Saturn Dealer says no, offers to sell the car to Guy #1 only.
6. Guy #1 asks, will you title it in both our names?
7. Saturn Dealer says no.
8. I get a call saying car #2885 is available.
9. Buy car .
10. :driving: car.
11. Get sunburned.
12. And we lived happily every after. :thumbs:

I was totally shocked to hear that someone had the guts to try and sell his car to someone else ON THE DEALER'S LOT! :nono:

Oh well, I hope somebody really appreciates the one I ordered when it gets here.

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It sounds like you have a good dealer there. I am glad everything worked out for you. :thumbs:
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