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I hope this is okay to post here. If not, apologies ahead of time...

I don't have to tell you guys how bad it is in the Mississippi Valley area. I am trying to set up a drop off site for donations. I am at Saturn of Cary in Cary, NC. This is just south of Raleigh, NC. If folks are interested in donating, I will post a list of things that are needed. Hearts with Hands is helping me co-ordinate the effort. There are at least four Saturn facilities that I can think of in that area that have employees and family that probably need help. They are, Saturn of New Orleans, Saturn of Metarie, Saturn of Slidell, and Saturn of Mobile. As soon as I have confirmation of a tractor-trailer at my facility I invite folks to help if they can. Saturn of Cary, Raleigh, Durham-Chapel Hill, and Fayetteville are also on board with this effort. So far, I only have Saturn of Cary as a drop off point for donations. We are not looking for money, just supplies. When we have the truck filled, Hearts with Hands will drive it to Mobile, AL. They are setting up a central point there, to distribute goods to the other towns. It has been a tough year in the car business, but we consider other Saturn employees like family. If you can help, great! If not, please pass the word!
Many thanks,
Jill Schiffman
Saturn of Cary
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