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Rick Tinley Park said:
While talking to my sales rep, and just after feeling for holes under teh bumber for a lic/bracket, he said, "They drill two small..." He pointed at the FRONT of the bumper, and noticed my pale face; "You know -- we ask before we do that.." I told him -- toss the bracket in the runk and forget they saw it. He laughed and said that they DO NOT put it on unless told to do so. I told him -- if the make a hole in my YELLOW bumper -- guess what -- new bumper!

Oh yes My CAR is next!!!!
I picked up my license plate today and the salesman came out with a drill :eek: to put the front license plate on...fortunately, I didn't faint, and told him to put that thing away!!!! :nono: He front plate! :D
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