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I totaled my SKY tonight. [joke]

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just kidding :lol: :jester:

Just curious, anyone have any fender benders yet, any dings, anything to mention? I am almost afraid to park my car in a lot or drive behind a big truck, my first ding will make me cry like a baby.
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Nothing Major

No major scrapes, only a little "owee" under the very front. From when I pulled into a parking stall and "touched" the curb. A lesson to be learned (picked up from a co-worker) always Back into a spot so you don't hit the front. The back is higher. :thumbs:
Great Advice, I have scrapped the underneath front of my car a couple times before I learned exactly how to get into my driveway (nothing noticable though). Backing into a spot is a great idea.

I generally park far away from anyone, i'm sure that will get old soon, but i've been doing it rain or shine since I got her.
Excellent advice, even though (as indicated), it will be difficult to adhere to at times................:cool:
When parking, please...please don't do the 'i need 3 parking spots' and park on an angle. Nothing pisses me off more- makes me want someone to accidently scratch the idiots car.:mad:
OK, got it off my chest. Thanks.
Thanks to previous posts, I haven't yet had any scrapes or bruises....
I know of one, but I don't think the driver wants it broadcast. Reasonably severe - lots of damage, but can't share details... sorry.

The driver was fine afterward.
Advice for parking. Line yourself up with the car next to you so that you are looking at a point between the front and rear doors. Of course if it's a coupe line up with the back of the door. The SKY is short enough so that your rear will still be tucked in. Dont try to pull up even, :nono: you will scrape at a curb, trust me!
Rocky777 you had better say your hail Mary's and repent for joking like that, I almost shed a tear for you!

I know it pisses people off so much about taking 2 spots but I have to be honest I have done it about 50% of the time, BUT and a HUGE BUT...I park the car SO far away that no one parks near me. I will walk any amounts to assure my car doesn't get scratched. I have parked normally between cars and thank God these people must have been saints bc no dings or dents yet. I REALLY my whole life have respected other people's cars and I appreciate them respecting something new I have. I will continue to take 2 spots FAR away but that is only bc I at first just parked normally far away and that was fine and all until people started to park next to me and even far away so I said screw it and decided to make them not be able to get close at all!
Yeah, I now have a couple of dents on the drivers door thanks to my wife. :eek: No, not driving, but walking. She tripped going down the one step out to the garage and stumbled, falling into the Sky.:eek: Now there is a crease just where it curves below the window and a couple dents about a foot off the ground!:nonod:
KappaMan said:
I know of one, but I don't think the driver wants it broadcast. Reasonably severe - lots of damage, but can't share details... sorry.

The driver was fine afterward.
Dr Skippy?
Have any of you found that even when you park FAR, FAR AWAY...thinking that nobody in their right mind would ever dream of parking that far away, therefore your car should be safe out in 'no man's land'....only to discover upon returning to your car, you find some POS junker parked literally on top of you just because they knew it would piss you off!!! It's happened to me and my husband with our current cars, so I have no doubt that it will happen when we get our Sky, too. :banghead:
That's happened to me a couple times now with the SKY. Of course I automatically check her out completely to make sure nothing happened. I guess it is a little tempting for kids to mess with me since its so obvious i'm parking far away for a reason. I was a kid once and probably did that myself.

Anyone remember the Jetsons during the opening credits? George would get to the office and push a button on his car and it would collape and turn into a briefcase so he could take it with him. I wonder if that will be an option on the Redline...
It's not an option on the Red Line.......

it comes standard ;) lol, I wish!
The "I wrecked my car" threads are sure to come. If this thread doesn't serve as a jinx, I'm sure there will be plenty of people who are going to make a mistake because they are either unfamiliar with RWD cars, are seduced into trying to find the limits of the car, or are so giddy over the attention they are getting they can't resist the temptation to show off.

You don't need to solicit those posts. They'll come, unfortunately.
My garage door opener snapped and something landed on my fairing....thank god the dent doctor was able to make it new again...they r miracle workers.
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