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If U are in FL and need a Sky at MSRP...I can help

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OK, here's the story. I have been first on the list at my dealership since 5/6/2005. Ever since that day they have been telling me I was crazy to think they would jack up the price with a premium. Yesterday, I get the word...$5K over haggling!:nonod: So I come home in tears after test driving a Miata because I am soooo done with the whole situation. I decide to take one last chance and start calling Saturn dealerships in smaller towns in Florida to see what I could come up with....and.....


I found a dealership that will be getting 5 that they know of, only have 2 on the list and the 1st image(dealer image) is being given to first person in line so I really only moved down one spot. They have 2 left and I have the buyer's order in hand stating MSRP!! They ask for a $500 deposit-very reasonable-and you can order whatever you want. If you want to get in on this, PM me and I will give you all the info and whom to speak to.

I am sooooooo excited!!!:drool: :driving:
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that's great bro! :)
now you can call that first dealer and tell him to kiss your A******
usmc said:
now you can call that first dealer and tell him to kiss your A******

As a matter of fact.....I DID!!!

Gave them the option to match, he said no, I said gimme my money back, he said OK. I guess they aren't too worried about losing a few cars to other dealerships but I can tell you I will NEVER buy a car of any kind from KING MOTORS!!:nono:
jus_chula said:
I'm interested but what does PM mean?
PM = Private Message. It's a Board function.
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