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I've been very unfaithful, in the sense that I haven't been on the website regularly. This time of year is so hectic at work, that by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is go onto the computer... ya know?

So I just signed on.... Congrats Rich on the car, I cannot wait to see it!!!!

Tomorrow, Aaron and I are headed up to Newcome's for breakfast. All the guys miss him from riding (his bike's been down since June and a new Triumph 675 is on it's way) so they asked him to drive up tomorrow for breakfast.

Everyone is meeting at 9am at the "Shell" gas station at the bottom of Angeles Crest Highway. I am pretty sure I put directions in a previous thread, and Aaron is completely knocked out for the night.....

If you are interested in making the ride, it's an open invitation. The guys leave the Shell gas station at around 9:15-9:30, and everyone heads up the mountain. It's a great drive....GREAT, really. You can really test your car out there. And if you recall me mentioning Stout the officer that was really strict on the Highway, well, I heard he got into an accident and hasn't been back -sad.

Anyway, it's a last minute invitation because my husband just brought it up on the way home tonight, so if you're interested..PM me. I'm pretty tired tonight and we plan on leaving the house around 8:15 to head toward Shell.

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Already have plans

Meeting with Richmcc to check out his new ride. Check out the thread he started for a ride on 11-11.
Maybe you could join us for lunch.
after your breakfast drive.:thumbs:
and PS
good to hear from you.
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