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I'm not #1 and I think that's a good thing

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Well since Saturn seems content to give me lots of time to think that's exactly what I am doing. I'm really starting to think I'm lucky I'm not #1 on my dealers list.

I think the first car in will probably sit in the show room for a while with everyone and his brother or sister sitting in it. And of course there are the quick trips around the block to check out what it will do. This aisn't any old Saturn.

By the time #3 or #4 rolls into the dealership it will be old hat (I hope). I think I'm #4 or 5 on the list at my dealership. Heck It's been so long since I pre ordered I don't even remember the name of the dealership. I still remember where it is though. ;)

Tick Tick... Another day closer... :cheers:
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Well, it will sure give you some cooling off time before making that impulse buy :lol:
No showroom Solstices in Cincinnati

I believe Greater Cincinnati has nine Pontiac Dealerships. Not one has ever had a Solstice demo or showroom queen. They are all presold before they hit the dealership and go out the next day. I have been trying to find one to drive. I got lucky the other day and drove a Solstice an individual had for sale. I believe it will be the same for the Saturn dealers as well. Why tie up money on the showroom when their quotas are all presold?
I don't understand, why would car #1 sit on the floor room floor as a show model and get driven for test drives?

If a car is optioned by an owner then it goes to them as soon as it arrives. Cars don't sit around in the open for people to use or drive. GM has been providing pre-production Solstices for things like that for dealerships. With there being under 500 Saturn dealers I really don't think there would be an issue at all.

I was #1 at my dealer and my car went right to me when it came in.
brentil said:
I was #1 at my dealer and my car went right to me when it came in.
I envy you.... I want mine.... but I’ll have to wait all winter for it.
I thought this car was a new starting point for Saturn. I'd think the dealers will want to get attention and people in the doors. The Solstice at the Pontiac dealer near me sat for a couple of days but I must admit it went out reasonably fast. Not before I sat in it though.
Two of my area Pontiac dealers have made arrangements with the owners for the Solstices to sit in the showroom (locked so no one can sit in them) on display for at least a week before taking delivery. No test drives, only there to look at and get a demonstration by a salesperson. One of my colleagues has a Bright Red Solstice, so I see one everyday! :lol:
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