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I’m planning to buy a 2007 Saturn Sky but I know nothing about the maintenance cost.
If keeping expenses down is a high priority for you there are many better non-sports-car options than a Sky.

A Sky is a unique car - a cross between a camaro, a vette and an ion.

I purchased my daily-driver blue-car in January 2017 at 94K. Now it has 126K. It cost 7.6K.
Maintenance including labor has been:

1. Turn Signal Assembly (wouldn't turn off after a turn) - 400
2. Catalytic Converter - 275
3. Thermostat and Water Pump - 320
4. Starter - 900
5. Passenger Door Handled - 120
6. HVAC (burnt out light) 160
7. Tires 1000
8. Standard maintenance - plugs, coils, tune, head-gasket 400.

Not too bad.

For me. I love the car and I've spent a lot on non maintenance enhancements.

The enhancements are the money pit. So if you love the car you'll pay.

I have a 400 a month budget for new stuff. And I have an additional 4K into it.

Opel GT rebranding (new black headlamps)
DDMWorks bundle
Alloy wheels, Zinc rotors
Streed Edition racing stripe
State-of-the-Art Pioneer GPS/Car-Phone

Next month's project is a large Opel/large driver-side mirror.
Assuming the economy and my job are stable - the next project is either DDMWorks large brakes and or new coilovers. Although I might opt for a new beater car instead.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts
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