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Greetings everyone, first-time post, long-time anonymous reader.
I trully appreciate the time any of you take off of your busy days to read through my long post and any ideas or suggestions you may give me.

This is my first Sky and I loved it for the few months I got to enjoy it. I've honestly put much more into it than it is probably worth but come on...there are no other cars like these on the road. GM was on to something special.

I "rescued" my 2007 2.4l Sky from its previous owner back in April 2021 for 2.8k knowing the car needed quite a lot of cosmetic work. The Sky had 99k miles on it and had seen betters days, however, the engine and transmission were mechanically sound.

In December of 2021, Car worked fine but I started losing coolant, and turned out to be a blown head gasket. I figured while I was going to be in the engine I would replace anything I would have to eventually replace so I got to work.

What I Did:
Cylinder head resurfaced and valves re-seated
Head gasket
Water pump and balance shafts chain
Timing Chain w/ new tensioners, guides, and sprockets (used the timing kit install guide from DDMWorks)
Timing Cover gasket
Oil Pump
Repaired Cracked exhaust manifold
o2 Sensor
New Fuel Injectors
Spark Plugs
Ignition Coils
Accessory belts
Red top optima battery
Oil change with 5-30 synthetic

Engine was in good condition on disassembly. No sludge.

Since then, I have gotten a whole combination of codes. Mostly p0011,p0014,P0017, and transmission code P2637. I managed to fix most of those codes by redoing the timing chain and changing out camshaft position sensors, VVT solenoids, and Maf sensor but p0014 has been the recurring bane of my existence and p2637 has been tagging along just poking fun at me. I understand that p2637 is caused by any timing-related codes.

The car has been mostly parked ever since due to it running really sluggish, rattling all over the neighborhood, and the transmission jerking me around every time I am coming to a stop. It is now almost August of 2022 and I am giving it my last push before storing it for good.

I have redone the timing chain at least 6 times and replaced the exhaust solenoid more than twice. I've flushed the engine 4 times and replaced both intake and exhaust phasers with new OEM phasers, new camshafts, hydraulic lifters, and rockers. Timing chain positioning is pretty fool proof (Engine TDC, int. exh. and crank sprocket timing marks at the correct clock hour positions, remove slack by rotating crankshaft clockwise without rotating intake cam, tensioners...etc). I also reset the timing chain tensioner every time I re-did the timing.

No chain slack, exhaust phaser doesn't rattle as bad as it used to but is still there. My only assumption is that I am a complete idiot or there are electrical gremlins somewhere in my engine bay because I KNOW I killed the mechanical gremlins.

Can't get rid of p0014. Re-did timing multiple times to the exact letter of DDMWORKS, as well as any other good known source I could find. Replaced everything that I could replace with new OEM parts. Car is still sluggish and the transmission is still jerking me around when coming to a stop.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and I eagerly wait for anyone's insight or input on my poor old Sky.

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I did not see any indication that you used the colored links on the timing chains to determine timing. Did you?
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