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ShahulX said:
anyone drive a base sky? how bad is the top to get up and down?
The top is a small amount of work to get up and down, in all once you get used to it the Sky can go topless in 10 seconds or so.

When putting the top up, you do have to get out of the car AND walk around to the opposite site to press in the anchors on the roof. The final step takes a decent pull to get the top in to position to close the latch

When putting the top down you press the trunk release. The anchors release automatically when you do this and the top cracks open. From with in the car you can un hook the latch, push back hop out and finish the push in to the trunk before firmly shutting the lid.

It is not much effort (though clearly more than an automatic or a throw back top like a VW cabrio) and once you get used to the motions as I said it goes through in seconds.
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