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For those that missed some of my previous posts, basically what happened thus far is as follows:

I ordered a Sky about 2 months ago. I put 1k down as a deposit and managed to get an Order Number the same day I decided to get the car by calling around and finding a dealer with an image number open.

I order it in red, but then changed my mind on the color and because the order had already been "finalized" I lost my oder number and had to get back in line and wait for the dealer to get a new image number so I could start all over.

I gave the dealer all the info on exactly what I wanted, hoping that I would not change my mind again. I waited about 4 weeks and of course was calling every week to hound them.

Well, to cut to the chase, I get a call this week, and the saleman tells me that they don't have an order number yet :confused: , but they do have a car :) ! Its seems that they took delivery on car, which was slated as a second showroom car, but it was exactly the same as their present showroom car, so they offered to sell it to me, since it was exactly what I had happened to order!

I went to get it that night. I'm in love and I actually enjoy driving again, which is something I have not done for a long time.

Silver Graphite/Black Leather/Black Top/Upgraded Wheels/Spoiler
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