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My wife couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I've had a bad cold for a week. Since coming back from vacation (sux). So we are driving home on the 401 tonight and I started yelling and convulsing (sp). Sky Sky.:willy: She must have thought I'd lost it. :lol:

We were in the express lane and what was in the collectors (what did we wiz by)? A silver Sky with a black top. I couldn't see the back plate but it had no front plate. Not sure if it was a car in from the US or someone taking a Sky out with a dealer plate on it.

It was really weard seeing it on the highway. It was like a dream. You know the one where you're in your underware. We tried to slow down and get a better look but it was moving to slow and must have turned off somewhere.

Perhaps people will have that reaction when they see me in my Red Sky soon.
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