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Along with my Sky Shield I also ordered a set of belt extenders. I did that because I had to move my seat forward a few inches and the seat belt always is retracted behind the seat, making buckling up quite a chore.

The belt extenders are just a piece of wire bent up. It fits into the pocket on the back of your seats, sticks out the top and provides a loop for the belt to pass through. This keeps the belt where you can reach it.

My daughter is short, so this caused the belt to rub against her neck. Since the passenger seat can stay all the way back, the extender for that side is not needed so I removed that one. On the driver side, it’s a nice help.

At about $40 I think they are overpriced and I wish Kappa would sell them one by one instead of as a set, but I would probably buy them again. It’s nice not having to contort myself every time I get into the sky.
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