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Yes, but not with a Sky or Solstice. I installed a set of Katzkin's in my wife's 2006 Jeep Liberty as a Christmas present for her. They are holding up very nicely and it has been 45,000 miles ago. My complaint about them was the cost to purchase and also the poor loose fit behind the rear folding seats. I overlooked the fit because of where it was located.

I just finished installing new leather skins (100% LEATHER front, back, sides, pockets, everything) on my Sky seats, purchased from a eBay supplier. I really like the "AFFORDABLE" product. CLICK HERE for all the details with pictures of the project. I have not yet taken pics of the seats in the car because the rest of the interior is not yet installed. The seats also need to be out in the sun on a hot day to smooth out the wrinkles. The wrinkles are less today, but being in cool storage isn't doing the job. The skins were shipped in a vacuum sealed package to make it very compact. That introduced the many wrinkles.

CLICK HERE to take you to the eBay seller. He sells funny looking "Solstice" skins but he will make you Sky skins per your request without the seat adjust accommodation for the front pockets. Supply a picture of your pockets for clarity. My communication with him was excellent. I highly recommend him and his product. He does not stock Sky skins. They are Made To Order.

If you seek that OEM look, then the skins I got are not for you. Look through my pictures on the post to compare the original OEM seat next to the finished seat. They are different, even if you get 100% non-perforated leather. I requested the perforated leather insets, included at no extra charge.

He said they will even do patent leather. I wonder how that would look in a Sky having the seats gloss black leather matching the gloss black center console sections. I also wonder how the wrinkles would go away or more getting formed. If it turned out well, it would be one dang sexy interior, especially with a detailed-polished black exterior.
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