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My wife and I will be packing light in our Sky and heading up into the pine trees and cool breezes of the White Mountains in Eastern Arizona over Labor Day weekend. We will be attending the Talor Sweet Corn Festival, the Arizona State BBQ Championships, the Apache Rodeo, and possibly the St Johns Grand Prix, and staying in a B&B for the weekend. Most importanly, we are planning on tearing up the mountains for several drives and short hikes, and we would love to see other Sky owners for any part of the weekend.

Here are some websites for more info:

Getting to the White Mountains is a 4-5 hour drive from Phoenix, but it is a beautiful drive, although probably not a day trip. If you are going to stay overnight in the mountains over Labor Day weekend, you need to reserve a place sooner rahter than later. However, the good news is that the hotels up there are reasonable, $40-60 for a hotel room, $80-100 for a B&B. Here is a list of accommodations in various towns in the White Mountains:

There is a lot going on in the White Mountains that weekend, so if something up there interests you, PM me and we can try to get together for a drive.
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