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It seems I'm in for all the dealer confusion that everyone else has been experiencing too... I called my dealer today and they told me that they had decided to give priority to people who put down deposits, then they scrapped that and went back to the list, and now they're not sure what they're doing. They're using the first image for the showroom car (yellow) and then optioning out the others at random with whatever they want and not with what actual people on the list ordered. They're also planning to add on aftermarket accessories like motion-detector alarms. At least they promised to keep MSRP... they're supposed to call me back tomorrow and tell me what position I am on the list; apparently only the sales manager has access to that info.
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I was first on the list before they had a list, no deposit was required,

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I am event code 025 at this time
I was rather annoyed that they didn't ask me for a deposit at the time, but were giving priority to deposits anyway. I guess I should have known from the experience of others in the forum.
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