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Crimson Avenger said:
For those that have submitted logos, THANKS!! :thumbs:

We will also need your transfer agreements to have your logos participate in the voting. We're just about to announce the opening of voting, so if you've submitted a logo, please visit:

The logos we have so far can be seen at:
We appreciate your patients, waiting for the logo vote to commence. We had many other pressing issues building a strong foundation for the club. Now that the dust has settled, we are ready to move forward with the logo. We will not be able to submit your logo into the mix unless we have a transfer agreement from you. If you would please complete the form and send it in, we can get this vote going. You have created some great designs. It is going to be a tight race.
Remember, even though your favorite might be the most colorful elaborate image; take into consideration the logo replication process, (embroidery, ect.)

View other club and event information at:
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