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lots of Sky's!

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I saw the most amazing sight tonight on my way to work... first as I crossed the starting line for the Boston Marathon (in my car, not running)... I saw, on display a red sky (with black top, mine will have tan). Sign next to it... offical pace vehicle of the marathon... and in the next lot 3 more sky's of various colors, parked in a row. I was late, and had no camera, so no photographic evidence... but I was ready to drive off the road. So watch the marathon on TV today (if it is on in your area) and you may catch a glimpse. I hope this info has not been posted already... :cool:
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Hi Moto, I'm pretty sure that you're the first one to mention this. I've been on the forum catching up on all of the posts and didn't come across anything like that. That's good to know!!!
I am still in shock at the sight of 4 sky's together... I have only seen 2 total before tonight(1 at an auto show, and the dealer car). I wish I had a camera, because it was quite a sight. There was nobody around so it would have made a great picture, whereas in the morning when I drive back there will be all the press and runners milling about (and nowhere to park anyhow). The red car they had was elevated on some sort of lift, so it was on display about 50 feet from the start line, right next to where they stage the runners before the start. If they show the stand where the officials start the race, the car will be just to the right of it, probably the best chance to see it (unless they move it). Maybe they will have some commercials with the Sky on during the marathon, if GM is a sponsor (they seem to be).
So when are we going to see the Sky as the official pace car for a Nascar race? ;)
Just went to the Boston Marathon website...

Saturn is on their sponsor page... Here it is...

The race will be on OLN: Outdoor Life Network from 11:30am to 2:30pm
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