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Mine has been built!

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YEAH! Just got off the phone with my dealer, and it has been built!

I asked how long delivery averages to him, and he said about 3 weeks, so I still have that (or most likely more) until I am driving. It's OK though, as I will be out on business until almost mid-June starting this week.

I had just about let go of any hopes to drive it this summer, but now the adrenaline is flowing again - especially on a sunny day like today.

Time to put the Miata on Auto Trader!

Now, who was going to drive me to Saturn of Saginaw?
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Sold my Miata today, have my Sky, Great news on your Car...Seal9:cheers:
How exciting for you! Maybe they'll ship it to you in record time!
Mine can not be far behind!!

Best of luck for you and your SKY!!
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