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Here’s the Mississippi River Run schedule:


10 AM ~ Meet in Prescott for breakfast at the Courtyard Restaurant, 216 Broad Street N. The Courtyard is one block south of the Steamboat Inn. If you plan to eat, please RSVP so reservations can be made. The Courtyard is a small restaurant and very busy so we’ll reserve tables along the window. They serve a great (BIG) breakfast platter as well as a full breakfast menu.

11 AM ~ Travel south on CR35, 50 minutes to Stockholm. Photo op along the way. Quick stop in Stockholm to browse, buy coffee, snacks, fresh bread, etc. at the Bogus Creek Café & Bakery, N 2049 Spring Street.

12:15 PM ~ Leave Stockholm. (Alternate meeting spot for southern Solstices.) Travel twisty loop inland on CRJ/S/D/N, 45 minutes to Nelson for a stop at the Nelson Cheese Shop. Great place for a variety of cheese, wine, ice cream. Also bathroom break.

1:20 PM ~ Leave Nelson. Travel 50 minutes on the CRD/B/88/T/N loop through towns of Modena, Gilmaton, Praag, Buena Vista Park, Alma. Lots of wiggles in this loop. When they made these roads…all they had left were the curves!

Will stop at Buena Vista Park for short walk to ridge overlook of Alma. Great vista view of Mississippi River Valley, Lock & Dam, Minnesota bluffs. Catch a sneak peak at:

2:45 PM ~ Late lunch at Kate & Gracie’s Restaurant, 215 N. Main Street, Alma. Reservation for tables will be made the morning of the run. This restaurant was featured in a recent article as being “worth the drive.”

3:30 PM ~ Minnesota-bound Solstices…Travel CR35, 10 minutes to Nelson, 3 miles on CR25 to Wabasha, 2 more miles on CR60 to overlook of Wabasha and Alma. West on twisty CR60 to Zumbro Falls. From there about 30 minutes to I-35W.

3:30 PM ~ Wisconsin-bound Solstices…about 1 hour to catch I-94.

The times are only estimates, not cast in “stone.”


Fantastic pre-run today. Past peak fall colors but that’s not all bad…you’ll enjoy being able to see the far-reaching views. The route contains lots of variety and enough twisties to keep a smile on Sunfun’s face (and yours) for weeks! Only hope we can get weather this nice next Sunday!!

Here are the party-goers:
Sadie Solstice


See you then!
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