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The Most Significant Vehicle of the Year for 2006 was the PONTIAC SOLSTICE!

Edmunds 2006 Consumers' Most Wanted Vehicle Award went to the Solstice...

Read below:

"Sometimes we can all get along, at least when it comes to the Most Significant Vehicle of the Year for 2006. Echoing the choice by our editors, Pontiac's Solstice was awarded the title by Edmunds' users — and by a healthy margin. With nearly 50 percent more votes than the 2nd-place finisher (Honda Civic), it appears we weren't the only ones impressed by GM's ability to bring this design to market in relatively short order, and with much of its show-car seductiveness intact. Interestingly, there was a substantial number of votes for the Saturn Sky — essentially a Solstice wearing Saturn bodywork. But as a 2007 model, the Sky wasn't eligible for this 2006 title, meaning none of those votes were included in the final tally.

Pontiac's first entry in the roadster market burned brightly and scored a big upset. The Solstice easily eclipsed its arch rival, Mazda's MX-5 Miata, which had gone undefeated until this year. The Solstice won with 38 percent of the votes to the 3rd-place Miata's 21 percent. "

Looks like Solstice and Sky will be taking over this market!

Shame they couldn't include the Sky...but there's next year! :cool:
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