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Well I went down to Las Vegas for a week to get some much needed rest last week. While I was there I thought I'd take a look at the Sky's there by visiting the dealerships and seeing what's what!

There were only two dealers in the area and both were charging over MSRP. And I can't say if there were any other conditions to the sale. At least one of the dealers was also not allowing you to take your car until another car comes in.

One was yellow with all the options. The yellow Sky had a black interior and a spoiler which I really wanted to see. I did note that the cup holder on the passenger side was busted and someone had pushed in (broken) the light on the dash indicating the air bag.

The car is much the same in other ways though. The feel of the car compaired to the Solstice is the same (I didn't drive the Sky). Cup holders are hard to reach and on like that.

I drove a couple of Solstii while in Sin City though and you sure forget anything bad about the car when you're running around the track with it. What a fun car to drive!:cool:

If the Sky handles corners like her sister I'll be hunting down some of Ontario's best driving roads to play on. The Solstice stuck to the road. I don't know how fast I was driving around the track but going around the last curve I was incurraged to put the peddle to the floor. KOOL!

All in all dispite any short commings the car might have, my time in Las Vegas confirmed that the Sky was a good choice for me and I really think I'm going to enjoy it.
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