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ok guys this is the day of the true test run, i don t have to work until 5:00 pm today so i plan on taking her up in the mountains near my house should be AWESOME !!

Its kind of funny my brother getting one of the 1st ones >

BUT in 99 i happen to score one on the 1st SUZUKI 1300CC HAYABUSA in came in a one time limited copper color,i just so happen to find one fom a suzuki dealer way out on a farm they were very hard to find and very limited.

The bike would do 196 mph stock and is
now in the guiness world book of records
kawaski tried to challange the record but in 99 and 2000 they failed to reach this speed or faster i think 200mph was the goal for a stock bike.

After 2000 the european govt were going to place sacutions on the japeness govt if something was"nt done because in europe some of the roads have no speed limits and there is a fair share of risk takers over there im sure LOL

NOW all 2001 and newer motorcycles are goverened to 186 mph and then the fuel injection is cut off with the computer map

Anyways just wanted tell some of you where my nick came from to those of you who did not know what a hayabusa was___ also stands for falcon in japan a bird that reaches very high speeds when dives down in flight to kill its prey.

So maybe it runs in the family. !! LOL

Anyways on to the real story for today i should see my brother in a hour or 2 . take out for a spin.

peace out mark aka HAYABUSA
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