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My Chicago Trip

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Hey all -

Just got back from a quick trip to Chicago (Lincoln Park) to see some friends. 300 miles form my house to theirs, and each one was great. It drives great on the freeway, and I took a few back roads to mix it up. Fun, fun, fun.

Everywhere I went - Gas Station, Car Wash (Do it yourself car wash, of course - I got rained on at the start, and HAD to show up in a clean, shiny new car), driving through the city - People complimented the car, asked about it, and were all blown away by it.

My friend has a Mercedes SLK 350, and although his is certainly MUCH faster and indeed a different class of car, he was awestruck by how well GM & Saturn built the SKY. He drove around for a while, and was trying to find things to rag on, but really liked it. Heads turned on every steeet we drove on.

A guy and his wife in their Audi followed me for a while, with the wife pointing and talking to her husband, then pulled next to me and asked what is was. They couldn't believe it, then asked the price, which was the topper - I'm sure they were at a dealership that day. He said it was the "prettiest car he'd ever seen" which would have emasculated me to hear that about any other car, but it really is true about the SKY.

The best was on the drive home today on the Chicago SKYway (that was great - driving my SKY on the Skyway) - there was a HUGE backup at the first toll booth, and a number of people asked about the car while we waited. A man in his old van could not believe it was a Saturn - said it was "Beautiful".

Chicago was beautiful this weekend. Sunny, warm, and everyone was out and enjoying it. Almost makes me think I could live there, but I know I can't. I need to park my cars nearby, and need room for my 12 Pinball Machines (that will grow too, I only had 2 two years ago). I'll have to be content to visit often, which I have been doing for years.

Next time will probably in Downers Grove for the SKY get together!

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Great Post ! any pics yet?
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