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I got to finally drive a Sky today. It is the same one that AngelQute1 drove yesterday.

First off, it was the first time driving a manual in a while. However, I was surprised how easily I was able to shift. I loved the sound of the car and it rides really nice.

I personally really liked the pick-up and got a chirp going into 2nd without trying.

The car had the Monsoon system and it was fantastic!

Overall I was impressed with the car and only want it more.

Some of the things I did not like.

I could see peoples point about the plastic in the interior looking cheap, however, the overall design of the interior so beautiful I would of not noticed if someone did not mention it first.

I struggled a little with the top going up. It took some force to get it to where I could hook it in. I think maybe after putting it up a few times it would get easiser. (The salesman was trying to latch it with the corner guides.) :)

I was kind of disappointed that the posts for the AFBT wher plastic. It seems like a part that could get a lot of wear and end up breaking.

The trunk lid supports added to the Sky really cuts into the usable trunk space. I don't know if anyone tried but I doubt you could fit a bag of golf clubs in it. I suspect that there purpose will outweigh this.

The car was Silver Graphite and beautiful. Overall, I am really getting excited about having a Sky. I think I will be driving to other dealerships just to get to drive it some more. :D

I also saw my first Solstice on the street today as well. It was on a test drive from the Pontiac dealership near the Sky Dealer.
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