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OK, let's start by telling you it was amazing!!! :cheers:

One of the local GM Reps came in today on a 5 Speed Manual, Forest Green with Black Leather, Chrome Wheels, 1CD Monsoon, etc. and we (all the salespeople) swarmed him and the SKY in the parking lot; I finally asked if I (we) could drive it since I (we) have not had a chance to drive one at all and he said YES!!! Wohoooooo!!!! :thumbs:

I'm 6'3", 331 pounds, 44" waist and a 32" inseam; in other words a pretty big guy :eek: and I have very few gripes about this awesome vehicle.

Positives: :thumbs:
  • Awesome turn-in response.
  • Very quick steering.
  • GREAT ride. (Much better than I expected)
  • No COWL Shake at all.
  • I was impressed with the Power Delivery. (A little soft at low RPM's though)
  • Handles like is glued to the road. Inspires confidence.
  • After a little practice, ease of use for the Convertible Top. (Never had a convertible before)
  • Wind noise/buffeting not bad at all. A lot less than I thought.

Not-So-Positives: :nono:
  • I would love like 2 more inches of rearward seat travel.
  • I would love to have the choice to LOWER the seat about 2 inches.
  • Double cup-holder in the center is very akward.
  • With the top down and the sun out, is almost impossible to read the radio display.

I'm so glad I got to drive this SKY. Now I know that, even without modifying the seat, I can drive the 5 speed manual and still be pretty comfortable, I was a little worried because I didn't know if I could clutch easily due to leg/knee room; as soon as I make the seat fit ME better I know I will be in HOG HEAVEN!!! I can't wait for my RedLine.


:willy: BA :willy:
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