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We have members of the 2018 coming to Lexington to enjoy this year's NASSAM and begin spreading the word about 2018.

We are going to ask the 2017 team to allow us to set up a small area where we will have information about the 2018 Colorado Nationals. This will include information about the event, a souvenir sticker and help in registering.

We will include the draft schedule for 2018 as well. Based on our experience attending several National events, we are setting up a cruise schedule and a hotel schedule.

The cruise schedule includes near and distant (day trip) cruises both with guides and self guided. Our objective is to provide interesting Colorado cruises that are fun and interesting but keep the number of cars below 10 to make sure people can view the scenery and are not gripping the wheel for dear life while trying to keep up as the 20th car in line. So we will have a number of 5-7 car cruises daily for attendees who want to have a guide. We will also provide information for self guided cruises where individuals or small groups can set their own pace and enjoy the discovery opportunities.

The hotel schedule is in response to our experience that there are always a number of participants who for what ever reason choose to spend the day at the hotel enjoying the company of other stay behinds. We are creating a slate of events at the hotel during the day to attract people who are not cruising with interesting things to do and experience.

These include Cars and Coffee in the morning, participatory classes in how to detail your car, where for each session one attendees car will be fully detailed as part of the class. We are hoping to get Adam's Polishes to perform these classes but we have several Club detailers who are very good detailers who can run the classes.

One of the more popular classes we run at our Punisher Garage Days is Maintaining Your Kappa. We take a volunteers car and do a full inspection using the maintenance checklist and demonstrate what to lube, what to treat, what to tighten etc. We are bringing the Quickjack lift so we can go under the car and inspect the bottom as well.

We are planning on a Bench Racing BBQ for lunch with beer, brauts and conversation where we can share our experiences and get questions answered. Oh, and eat good food.

Each afternoon we will be holding a car show with public voting for winners. The plan is to hold a different class each day leading up to the final OPEN car show on Friday. We have identified a number of classes that will allow all levels of cars from the dirtiest to the best stock car to lightly modified to full up trailer queen.

In the evening we will be offering the choice of taking a dinner cruise to one of the local mountain towns or dancing on the roof and car movies on the roof. I have ~3000 movies including a lot of fast and furious car movies - want to see Christine? Sure. We will be publishing a list so people can vote on which movie for each night. And the hotel has promised us a dance floor will be set up for us on the roof so we can have dancing under the stars nightly.

And Dave has promised to hold a Colorado Campfire several times during the week. The hotel has a big fire pit where we can make smores and sing around the campfire.

Finally we are looking at running a nightly starlight cruise that will take the attendees on a local cruise under the stars to let them experience the beauty of the mountains after dark.

Hope to see you in Colorado next June. Till then, enjoy Lexington!
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