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NASSAM 2019 FAQ & UPDATES (please read)
This thread will answer any of your questions as well as post any new information

HOTEL: we are almost full at the Radisson and we have asked the Corning C of C to reach out to other local
hotels to try to secure another 40 rooms. many people have booked a room (about 125/130 taken)
but have not paid their Registration fee (only 64 paid) . We expect this to change dramatically in the
Spring once people determine their vacation schedules. There may be some room cancellations.
YOU Have 2 CHOICES. 1) you may wish to book at any local hotel at their price now 2)...we are going to create
a sub-page on for Stand-by status., You add your name to this list and as a room gets
cancelled/made avbl you will be informed that you can get a RAD room. There is NO GUARANTEE that a
stand-by will get a RAD room, but it's all we can do. First come first served

WGI: Watkins Glen International....they are different from the Poconos or Kentucky Speedway. To go WITHOUT a
pace car, a Roll Bar, and a helmet will cost you $700.00 and you will probably have to "join" another car club (like Porsche
or Cooper) For $30.00 you can do 3 laps behind a pace car (no roll bar) at a lesser speed (maybe 55..
maybe 70) We would put the GXP's and Redlines up front...the N/A's behind then and the noobs at the back)
THERE IS NO DRIFTING OR want to do that, forget WGI

REGISTRATION: must be paid no later than May 10th due to our banquet contract. anyone not paying by then will
be reminded and failure to pay may result in your hotel room being cancelled by us, and made avbl to the
Stand by list

WEB PAGE: ours is not perfect, rather a WIP (Work in Progress)..if you think you have an issue or question, post it
here first, or on the Facebook page, or even hit me on Messenger. We will try to correct any issues.

NEW QUESTIONS: feel free to ask any questions here: no matter what you have heard, we will give you the straight facts

ROUTES: a lot of routes will be self-guided, you form your own group and off you go. For those of you looking for
a more structured event, we will be asking for volunteer RC's (Road Captains) and Sweeps. Failure to get
enough RC's and Sweeps may mean cancellation of runs, or more free-wheeling !

Admin...would appreciate "sticky status"
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