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Dang it, so the dealer is saying the BCM has to be hooked up to the car to receive a reprogram. I thought they just hooked it up to their equipment and did a few mouse clicks? Oh well, I need to try and get the car started. If it doesn't start, I'll try jumping it.

More to come...
Ok so 2021 and I am going through the same thing you did. What finally happened ?

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Skybound2211, I may have some bad news for you.

Our Sky is an early production 2007 Base model with manual transmission. It has a different BCM than most other Skys, so maybe the ramifications will vary pending the BCM part number.

Sometime prior to us buying the car, a previous owner "Improperly" replaced the BCM. We bought the Sky for what I thought was a very affordable price considering it's low mileage. I drove the car 700 miles home and then started going through it, making everything just right.

Fast forward to the BCM issues, I learned that when a previous owner improperly changed it with a new one, the following issues were introduced.

1) The brake lights didn't work
2) The keys fobs didn't work (reprogramming the fobs only activates the trunk release and emergency buttons, but no power door locks and no alarm)
3) The cruise control didn't work
4) The odometer goes back to zero miles (I bought the car with 8700 miles but it actually had an estimated 116,000)

Once figured out, I took our Sky to a reputable shop to replace the BCM again which cost me nearly $800. According to the shop, you have only one shot at getting your BCM programmed properly. It cannot be reprogrammed. The BCM must be programmed during the installation. If you simply replace the BCM and drive the car, it's over.

Again I emphasis that this applied to our early production 2007 Base Sky with manual transmission. Maybe you will get lucky and learn that the flavor of your BCM is more forgiving and can be reprogrammed.
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