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Following the template for Solsticeforum, we've added a new off topic section:

The Frontier

It is an open-password protected section. the password is


and is a new place to discuss more controversial topics. Usually these are religious, political or other such topics, but even discussions that go to discussions of "what's your favorite color" may be moved into that section.

All about the section:

and the text describing the section:

A password-accessed place to discuss political, religious, and other topics that can turn into passionate discussions. [password=enteringatownrisk] ENTER AT OWN RISK - this sub-forum is not moderated except for the most egregious offenses. Read the rules inside (basically, no name-calling, derogatory comments, and no spam - other than that, anything goes). Do NOT enter here and then cry for help - you are on your own.
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