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new here

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Must say I'm glad to take part in this forum ,looks great people.
There is no Sky's in Canada yet only what the dealers have to show off and that's all it took got one ordered but might not see it till fall,bummer.
Anyone know were to get one of those stuby antennas????
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Welcome aboard from Minnesota!

OK, If Saturn dealers in the US are known as "customer friendly" then Canadians who are known for thier niceness and who work at a Saturn dealership......can you say crazy nice? You can just see it .....a salesperson bringing a Sky to your house and while you test drive it, mowing your lawn or doing your dishes. :D But I must say my wfe and I come up there quite often and we are always impressed by our friends to the north.....hope your Skys come soon. :cool:
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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