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Just bought a 2009 Ruby Red Line special edition. I live in St Charles Missouri and I've been wanting a sky redline for years. Love the car!

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Welcome to the forum and the Kappa's owners club.
Ruby Red SE 2009 pretty special among our group.

While wanting one for years, and the fact that you have found true love after buying it, is
common to all new owners, and their first impression of what owning a Kappa does mean.
We have all felt the sense of euphoria when driving it for the first few cruises.

Now comes the tricky part here: The attention factor. IF you are unprepared for this attention factor,
it can be quite the shock to the first time owner. Stop lights, gas fill ups, parking lot, it will happen to you.

Some quick thoughts to what you have to look over with your new purchase. Battery & tires. How old are they?
Mileage on the odo? Any history on the maintenance done by the previous owner, if any? DD or 2nd car?
Many threads here on the forum, on a boat load of topics, the discussion among our owners can vary widely here.
Tires, what oil, WP issues, cupholders, you name it, it has been discussed by our loyal group. We love this gem, and a lot
more people, ( the masses ) are paying attention when they do see one of models out and about. Thumbs up, the friendly wave
the nod of the head in approval, it will happen.

Outside of the in town normal cruises you are taking, the next big thing will be the road trip. Overnight, weekend fun getaway.
Finding your road of choice, the twisty section of fun. Google map a location and go for it, you won't regret it, trust me.

Photos of your pride and joy will be next up for you. Nice day, a good clean detail on the car, a location, a model.. lol
Improvements down the road... buckle up, this car can be modified.. talk to our member @ Robo on this.

Last and most important here.. the permagrin. Face muscles when smiling this much, gives away your fun. Your neighbors or
co-workers will wonder, what the hell has gotten into to you lately? It is ok to smile like that, we all do. Comes with the territory of

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