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101jinx101 said:
just got off the phone with my dealer, and he says that Canadian production is approx. 1 month behind the production of the US. he said all dealers will get their silver demos in the US, then in Canada, then order production will start for the US, then, Canada. I also asked him about the opel version, and he said that the redline will just be the north american version of the opel, and it will have a 2.4L turbo with 260 hp, not the 2.0L like some think. I dunno what to think about all this, but i've got my salt ready, anyway :p
well he really don't know what the heck he is talking about... first of all the demo's that the U.S. people get are optioned out by the dealer themselves, whatever color and options they want...and the 2.0 turbo has already been in the news as the sky redline engine also...maybe you should just hit him over the head with that block of salt..LOL
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