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I've crawled the forums pretty thoroughly prior to posting and the is a treasure trove of info. Thanks a ton for that.

Recently purchased a 2007 Sky, base model, black. I love the feel and look of the car, drives like it's on rails. I DO have some issues though. I've already replaced the cam sensor and both solenoids, check engine light is OFF. Thank the gods. I have canvas separation on the rear window ALL the way around, inside AND out...forums helped there so I'll try a few things there. My big question is whether the DDM center console with cup holder are still available. Did not see then on the site but really want one. Also wondering about a good seat cover and car cover. I live in NW New Mexico and we have high UV feom being at 5400'. We have really hot summers and relatively no humidity. I may eventually replace the seats but want to just get covers for now. Posting here because most of the comments in the forums are pretty old.

Thanks in advance and thanks for all the great info.

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