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So what, exactly, is the "computer end of the project"?
To build the sounds interface I have to communicate with the CAN bus and learn which messages are used for what status. This is a fairly straightforward operation and there are any number of tutorials about how to do it. There is no "official" message cross-reference that I can find, but there are partial lists published by other hackers and I started out fairly confident that I would be able to get the data I need pretty easily. So far it hasn't worked out that way.

I bought an adapter and connected it to the XP notebook that I use for my automotive diagnostics, and immediately learned that it is not fast enough to keep up.
I took another notebook and converted it to Linux because of the native CAN communication capabilities. That computer can see the adapter, and knows what it is, but won't talk to it.
I now have a new, more capable computer and am trying to force myself to re-immerse myself in what i expect to be more frustration.
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