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New to the Crew

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My wife and I got the call yesterday. Our new Sky has been Imaged. Now the long wait!
Imaged 23/06/06
Midnight Blue
Tan Leather Inserts
6 Disc Monssoon
Chromed 18 in wheels
Cold Air Intake (I'll take even a little more horse)
We have a '97 convertible Mustang GT (Rare Pacific Green color). Took some trophies with it, but when we saw the Sky though we fell for it. My very good friend in Olympia sells Saturns so I called him and he raved about this baby. He's not one to sell me short on fun and reliability either so here we come folks. Get one this year as they are only going to go up in price, Red line or Standard. She's going to be a classic and that's for certain. Can't wait to join or form a club out here in the west! Tahoe/Reno/Bodega Bay and the Redwoods are all on the list for runs!
Life is for living!
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Welcome to the forum!

WELCOME. This is a great place to read about the SKY and learn from the folks who already have theirs. It also makes you want yours even more! It's addictive.
Welcome to our group. Try not to let the wait drive you crazy!
Welcome, Enjoy your time here
Welcome :cheers:
And while there are no dumb questions (except mine, of course) you can really dig up a LOT of material by searching. :cool:
If you have a performance question or a "how too" question use the search feature -- you'll get all kinds of great info... Of course you are more than welcome to ask away!
Soon you to will be :driving:
Welcome aboard from Minnesota!

Now go and start up about nine hobbies to keep your mind off the's hard but well worth it....:cool:
Exciting times ahead!

Folks thanks,
It's great to be a member. The waits the worst but I don't feel alone in that catagory:D . So here we are in the little town of Tracy, Ca. Had to go to Modesto 50 miles out to order this from the Saturn dealer there, about a $2500 mark up vice $5000 at the other dealers. We are number two on their list and in Pleasenton we would have been 27th (ouch!). If there's any proof that being lower numbered actually gets you a delivery quicker then I sure would like to know.
I also got a cold air intake factory installed, any idea what that actually estimates out to for horse power added? At any rate we can't wait for delivery and to make our first run in this beauty.:cool: When the time comes we'll set the plan and hit the corners, I think a coastal drive up 101 is the first choice though, it's great in our pony but it pought to be even more magnificant in the Sky!

PS how about the HP rating on the factory CAI anyone calculate this out yet?

"Nothin' but Blue Sky's from now on!"
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Welcome to the forum, lots of good info here!
chris67 said:
Now go and start up about nine hobbies to keep your mind off the's hard but well worth it....:cool:
Great advice..... or start a bunch of projects... cuz not finishing them will drive ya nuts and you MIGHT... just might.... forget about the wait for your car.... NAHHHH....... you wont... but,,,,WELCOME AND ENJOY!!! SkyBaby-07
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