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Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Automotive tire

Hello everyone, or anyone, sorry we’re late to this party, but glad to see that some old diehards are still here.
Just bought our first Sky for my wife’s retirement…. Its mine too of course.
Anyway, we’re going to need a new top soon. I realize they’re hard to come by, so hoping to find a second hand one from a salvage, or find and buy the whole salvage. I’m aware that is what many of you want, so I don’t expect many, if any gold nuggets.
Ours does not leak, is not torn, just starting to fray at the seams, we may even be able to just add a stitch.

A hard top would of course be awesome, but I suspect they’re hard to find and ridiculously priced.
We’re in Central Texas….
2007 Saturn Sky Roadster Redline, 107,000 miles, very few mods, dark blue under tan and in very good condition
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Thank you in advance, Scott

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Welcome to the forum.

I duplicated your top request here: Top Needed in the Classified section where it should get the proper attention.
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