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On Saturday, November 4th at 9:00AM we will be meeting at Lake Pleasant for a ride and visit to a state championship BBQ competition ( Plan on arriving at the Lake Pleasant group campgrounds by 9:00AM, and our own Dick Lee (Mr Smoker) has promised that he will make us some “Smoked Armadillo Eggs.” Please make sure that you RSVP at because Dick says that he has to smoke these for three hours. Also bring $5 cash to get into the gates at Lake Pleasant, and some lunch money.

In addition to cruising around the lake and tasting great BBQ, we will be dropping by the car show, listening to live music, etc. This is the first year for this event, and there are almost 50 competition teams enrolled from all over the Southwestern US. At this event, we will be cheering on the Dick’s Arizona chapter of the BBQ Brethren ( Look for the fire-breathing pig logo on Dick’s brand new smoker, or just ask someone where you can find some “Armadillo Eggs” (

Various BBQ competition items will be turned in all day, according to the following schedule:
11:00 am - Chicken
12:30 pm - Ribs
2:00 pm - Brisket
3:00 pm - Contractor
4:00 pm - Awards
5:00 pm - Closing Ceremony...

After we gather, we will decide as a group where we want to go for a drive. It could just be a cruise around the many pavilions, campgrounds and coves along the lake, or if people are up for an adventure, we could do the 180 mile Skull Valley loop, returning to the BBQ competition as they approach the awards ceremony. The Skull Valley Loop will take us out to Wickenburg and over Yarnell Hill (photo below). Then, we would take a scenic excursion to Skull Valley, a beautiful meandering road through green pastures and rolling hills, ending up at Prescott where we would stop for lunch. Don't eat too much in Prescott, because when we get back to Lake Pleasant, the BBQ folks will be turning in their competition que, and several of the competitors will probably offer samples to hungry passers-by. The entire loop would take about four hours to drive, or we could just go out to Wickenburg and Yarnell and back, which would be much quicker.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, let us know your preferences in the comments on the RSVP form. This promises to be a fun day in a part of the state that many of us may not know much about. And, the armadillo eggs? I haven't ever tried them, but I hear TASTE great, especially smoked for three hours.

For a Google map of the BBQ event location, please visit:,-112.303684

For a map of the Skull Valley Loop, please visit:

For more information and to RSVP, please visit:

Below are a couple of photos:

Skull Valley Depot

Yarnell Hill

BBQ Competition

Skull Valley Loop
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