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If you are in the market, you may like.
67k mi 2007 red with silver stripe, stick.
Top looks new.
Aftermarket fenders (Norm's I'm guessing).
Per dealership, it had an incident on the right side (can't tell).
This car is beautiful--immaculate inside and out.
Here is a link:
(VW dealer)
I like my car, but black is so hard to keep clean out here, and this car pops (red--of course).
I thought of getting it and transferring my mods, but that's more effort than I wish for right now. Still, I checked it out. There are a few minor things I noticed, but this car looks fantastic.
Headlights and top look new.
No evidence of new water pump or new Passenger presence sensor (but doesn't look like anyone used the passenger seat.
Rattle unrelated to rpm from the engine (fan?).
Looks completely stock except fenders/tires (Sumitomo's).
Shift knob a bit loose.
A few Very minor nicks if you look close.
The rear fascia has hit something, but you have to very close to see the marks.
No XM on the head unit.
Passenger cup holder is mechanically functional, but the ring is fractured, so unusable.
I didn't drive it (flooding in the area).
Anyway, thought I'd pass it on.
If you call, talk to Bill.
They are asking 13-14k.
(I'd personally Reserve some $ because the WP may be original.)
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