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Here's the deal....

Someone (a dealer) offered me to exchange my Saturn SC1 2001 (110,000km) for a Nissan SER (the 4 cylinder) 2002 (60,000km). He offered me 6,500$ for the Saturn and I found someone who take my tired and my mag for 1,200$.

His offer was 10,500$ for the Nissan and I've driven it... looks amazing, sounds amazing and his a lot faster than my sc1.

So then again... could someone tell me if this is worth it because I will get FOR SURE the Sky Red Line? Should I spend 2,800$ for a car I'll use until the Sky Red Line comes out?! And then again, I have to calculate what depreciation between both cars is. Anyway.... I'm lost; sounds like a great deal but then I could be wrong.

What you guys think?
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