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I have been working with a good dealer at this point. He has been very straight forward with me. I am now number 6 on his wait list so I hopefully will get a car around April/May time frame. He will NOT be charging over MSRP and feels it wrong to do so. I have it in writing!! If anyone knows of a dealer that is going to have an up-charge we should start a boycott list immediately. Gouging the customer has never been the way of Saturn and we need to keep it that way.

Also, as far as number of SKYs to be made, I think there will be maximum of 5 months of production at 4.3 weeks per month and 6 days per week at a maximum of 50 cars per day. That puts it at 6450 cars. With approximately 450 Saturn dealers that’s 14 cars per dealer. That’s the most we should expect.

If anyone is interested in contacting a FAIR dealer (at least too this point) in Northern California, PM me and I will give you the details.
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