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Some have said there is not a separate allocation for the Redline, so now that pricing is out what is stopping orders from going through to factory?

There is no reason to wait for a allocation if there isn't a separate allocation for Redlines.

The Solstice all along has projected separate allocation, and they did.

If the Sky doesn't have a separate allocation for Redline and the Redline is a 2007 model shouldn't our dealers be able to order this option imediately if they wanted to?

I called the owner of my group this weekend and he said it made sense he will make some calls to see if he can make it happen for me.

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You should get the dealer to give you a preliminary order number. Meaning they they have entered it into the system.
Event Code 1100.

We have heard thanks to "SKY Spy" that orders are being picked up the third week of July.

For reference :
  • 1100 - preliminary order placed/accepted at dealer
  • 1101 - preliminary order added
  • 1102 - preliminary order added thru web
  • 2000 - order accepted by GM
  • 2001 - order generated to dealer
  • 2005 - order replaced with GM Prospec order
  • 2030 - order re-edited
  • 2050 - order changed
  • 2500 - order is preferenced or "picked up"
  • 3000 - order accepted by production control
  • 3100 - order available to be sequenced
  • 3300 - order scheduled for production
  • 3400 - order broadcast (internal plant order produced)
  • 3800 - vehicle produced
  • 4000 - vehicle available to ship
  • 4104 - bailment invoice
  • 4B00 - bayed (note it's a letter "B" not 8)
  • 4106 - release bailment
  • 4150 - vehicle original invoice (dealer billed)
  • 4200 - vehicle shipped
  • 4300 - intermediate delivery
  • 4V03 - EDD (estimated delivery date)
  • 4800 - rail ramp unload
  • 5000 - vehicle at dealer
  • 6000 - vehicle delivered to customer

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Eye on Sky said:
Some have said there is not a separate allocation for the Redline, so now that pricing is out what is stopping orders from going through to factory?
What is stopping them is:
  • your dealer putting in your order
  • your dealer prioritizing their orders so your order is within their allocations to be picked up
  • your configuration, including the RedLine option, being off contraints... which SKY Spy suggests "The latest word is that SKY RedLine orders will start to be picked up by GM on the 3rd Week of July (July 20-21)"

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Dealer Anxienty

Here's my 2 cents.....

With all of the excitement (and drama) on the release of the SKY I know that alot of dealers are somewhat "shell shocked" from the relentless persuit of our enthusiasm(?) Given the long delay and difficulties we / they have experienced with the baseline SKY it would be suicide for the dealers to get right back into the same situation of over promising and commiting to customers without really knowing what the time will bring.

Take the 2 tone interiors, wonderful concept, looks sharp with most color combinations, but demand was higher than expected and now they are not producing that option...regardless on when you ordered or how much deposit that dealer took from you.

Let's not forget that we are talking about 2007 model vehicle here. I have been curious just how it is that I have a 2007 vehicle in my driveway when 2006 is bearly half over!
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