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Hiked up the road this morning to check on the blue redline on facebook. It will be coming home in a week or so after banking issues settle after holiday.

Updated-upgraded engine after a bad tune of an unmentioned vendor leaned things out till it broke a piston. After the build was taken to a well known speed shop for dyno and proper tune as a proper tune can't be done over the phone.

Will need new shoes come summer but my MN job gets me a discount. New round of fluids as they are three years old. Garage baby for the most part. Almost 48k miles.Wont have to worry about anything under the hood for another 50k. Interior nearly perfect. Battery probably needs replacement soon but again work gives nice discount on Interstate.
Top and interior perfect. Couple of very minor door dimples that I think can be easily pressed out. The hood with the pseudo vents gone will make for a nice lay for a burgundy carbon fiber stripe?

Now the performance is way more than the 2.4 in my Solstice. Ride far more comfortable but part of that is because my old Sol is in bad need of rubber.
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