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One more time...what color are you getting

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I ordered the silver pearl...but I never see anyone saying they like the color? I showed an older gentleman the color and he thought it was primer! Should I go with a different color?
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I order chili red

I just got back from my dealer and order the chili red pepper, I thought the red was the most eye catching, however if the bluestone was available I maybe would have gotten that. The silvers are nice, however.....the one I saw at the car show just didn't really do it for me.

Silver Pearl is the same color as my current Saturn and many of my friends' cars, so I decided to go a bit darker with the graphite. I also think it'll set off the chrome vents better. Bluestone was a serious contender, but got knocked out of the running at the first mention of even more waiting.
Sunburst Yellow, or Midnight Blue.
im getting the cop magnet ... see signature
This car looks sharp in Silver Pearl, and I really waffled between silver Pearl and Graphite Silver. They look great with the red and black interior, imho. But I noticed that there were so many silver cars on the road, I decided I wanted someting different. I am not a fan of black and I am not a red personality, I thought about yellow but decided it was not me either. My current SC2 is green. I didn't want white, so that left the blue colors of which I like both. I saw a Relay in the Midnight Blue at the dealership and really liked the way the metalllic contrasts when the light hits it and how the darker color makes the chrome accents stand out. Since I didn't want to wait for Bluestone, I am very happy with Midnight Blue.
Midnight blue here also. :thumbs:
Chili Pepper Red here, It is my Gotta Have Sports Car color.....
Look out Barney Fife, Here I come!!!!
Midnight Blue for me, although the wife likes Silver Graphite better (she even suggested Sunburst Yellow or Silver Pearl).
Graphite silver, silver pearl, midnight blue, or yellow...

I think I've only decided NOT to get a few colors..
Midnight Blue with Tan interior.:cheers:
Silver pearl ... black top ... black leather interior
We have a sliver LS2 now and, as others have mentioned, there are plenty of them around so I went with the silver graphite.
Polar white, and I think I am the only one going with the white that I've seen yet! I like clean, sleek and timeless. Of course, had Bluestone been available right away.....virtually all of the colors look nice on this car, I don't think you can go wrong! :)
bubbacc said:
Silver pearl ... black top ... black leather interior

Silver Pearl/Red Leather/Black top Ernest:D
silver pearl, black leather, black top
Happy to wait for the BlueStone w/Tan Top and Leather
Mysterious... Mysterious Solstice that is. :D
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