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Open invite to VA/MD To-Be Sky Owners...

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Okay all of you VA/MD SKY owners to-be and those who are on here thinking about purchasing one....

I am inviting any of you who may want to drive a SKY to come out to Potomac Mills Mall on Sunday to drive my car. The weather will be beautiful (72 degrees and sunny). Please PM me if you are interested in meeting me there (Exit 156 off of I95) to drive my SKY. If I get more than a couple of people interested I will be glad to jet up there and let you drive it in the parking lot (with me in passenger seat), but not the main road of course! It will also give you an idea of what an intake (Kappasphere) sounds like in a SKY. PM me your information and if you are interested and I will be sure to let you know when and exactly where int he parking lot.

I know how it feels to wait and wait and wait and want to let you guys get a little silver lining until you get yours... :thumbs:
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Hey bro,

So glad you got yours, can't wait to get mine! It's a bit far of a drive to come take a peek but as soon as I get mine, then it'll be roadtrip time!
Hey Man,

I'm in MD and I'd be interested in seeing what you've done with your SKY...anyone else going? I know there are quite a few of us around the DC area that already have our cars, I'm up for a road trip to Potomac Mills if anyone else is?
Rocky sure if you are okay with that and we get some others in we could all meet up there (well up there to me lol) on Sunday afternoon! If not this weekend we can plan VERY soon bc I know a couple of people have PM me and they are getting theirs soon and willing to meet up...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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