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MrJester said:
I'm getting closer. My dealer called and I placed the order. I was #4 on the list but 2 customers ahead of me wanted automatic so I jumped up to #2 which I wasn't going to complain!

The verdict is.......................

Sunburst Yellow (Took a lot of debating between this and Graphite)
18" chrome
Monsoon 1 CD MP3 upgrade
Premium trim
No Spoiler

I was set on the spoiler until I saw the one in person the other day. Not that I think the spoiler is going to look bad, but the one I saw didn't have one and it looked just fine. The spoiler is something you can always add later on most cars and I'm sure this won't be an exception to that rule. So I took the plunge and ordered a yellow car. I've never owned a yellow car and am excited. I think it looks great with the black top. I guess we're talking about a 60 day lead time :willy:

as with any option It will cost 3 times as much if you add it later... just look at the price for one as a dealer installed option compared to the factory one. then you also have to pay for painting and installation.
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