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Owned for one-year Total Investment.

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Okay I purchased my Sky in August of 2022 so far here is what I've have invested.

Purchase 2007 Sky Base Silver 5 Sp Man with the two tone Red and Black interior 49950 miles $11500
Had a bad ECM P0606 code replaced the ECM $125
Replaced Upstream and Downstream 02 Sensors (I work in a parts store) $45
Replaced Front and Rear Rotors drilled and slotted with Semi-Metallic Pads. $208
Air filter $15
Wheels and Tires. Original wheels and tires are in very good shape 75% thread left. $1805
Oil and filter were changed at time of purchase. Top in perfect condition. --------

So there you go should last me years as my DD. now has 54300 miles on it. Ready for an oil change.
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You guys are why the Sky forum is small and dyeing. Its really sad.
RtE, This forum has always been slower than the Solstice forum. Half the production numbers and a less performance oriented image for younger, newer buyers has been the drive for that in addition to social media platforms replacing forums for community discussions among younger owners.
Oh don't kid yourselves the solstice forum isn't much better. When ONE of the latest hot topics is 25 pages about a battery question and where the OP goes on about discussing getting naked with his date on a picnic, making love (fucking) and driving home nude, ........well what else is there to say? Not to mention that the average age over there is probably 130 years old! YIKES!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts