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Owned for one-year Total Investment.

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Okay I purchased my Sky in August of 2022 so far here is what I've have invested.

Purchase 2007 Sky Base Silver 5 Sp Man with the two tone Red and Black interior 49950 miles $11500
Had a bad ECM P0606 code replaced the ECM $125
Replaced Upstream and Downstream 02 Sensors (I work in a parts store) $45
Replaced Front and Rear Rotors drilled and slotted with Semi-Metallic Pads. $208
Air filter $15
Wheels and Tires. Original wheels and tires are in very good shape 75% thread left. $1805
Oil and filter were changed at time of purchase. Top in perfect condition. --------

So there you go should last me years as my DD. now has 54300 miles on it. Ready for an oil change.
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Well, bought my 2008 redline cheap, in January in a snow storm in Idaho, for $4750, but with a salvage title, due to theft & recover later. However, it cost $1800 to get it out of idaho in the dead if winter, and back to Kansas city. Then another $900 to fix the leaking water pump, replace hoses, belts, plugs, the usual (mostly labor cost, at a discounted $65 a hour). Fortunately, the Goodyear asymmetrical tires were almost new, so that saved some money, and it was a rust free car with 72K miles. Looks fantastic following my compound and wax job, runs fantastic too, though it did have a recall on the passenger seat airbag sensor (no charge)
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Lets see a pic (y)
Since it's race season, of course I have my 13 pieces of "Flair
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It's funny, at the last Autocross race, the announcer said that having two Sky's there made it more of a car show than a race..... no ****. FYI.. Mine had the most flair of anyone's of course.
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