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Hi Guys,

I have hit a problem that I cannot find a solution to (tried googling and searching the forum), maybe some of you educated fellas can shed some light or point me to the correct direction.

Here is the question, there are two design versions for the rear/downstream oxygen sensor
1st Design, 12590594; and 2nd Design, 12616506.
Have any of you tried and worked with any of the two designs? and how did it go?

I have a 2007 Saturn Sky Redline.

So.. here is the story, it all started with an engine code of P0420. After leaving it on for awhile and figuring, hey, since my oem cat is going, I might as well do an upgrade. So, I purchased the SOLO high flow catalytic converter and as well as two new oxygen sensors from AC Delco 213-3844 (Upstream GM 12589380) & 213-4254 (Downstream GM 12616506).
After installation, the muffler shop made two mistakes, first was not putting an extender on, which lead to engine code, then second mistake of putting the extender on the precat sensor leading to engine misfires on all 4 and a too rich sensor code (if any of you have this problem here is the solution) later misfiring codes was resolved with the relocation of the extender to the rear. Now here comes the headache. Engine light is still on! P2096 post cat sensor too lean!.

TLDR: Installed SOLO high flow cat, 2 new O2 sensors and engine light is on P2096.

I have yet to try more solutions, one of which was to check for leaks. and the last was maybe the sensor is not compatible because I purchased ver design 2.

If anyone would shed some light to this headache of mine, please feel free to express your thoughts!


Edit: Solo high flow cat
Edit2: Update, checked for leaks today, no leak. Different engine code, this time it's P2196, also hard time starting up code P050A

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Not totally familiar with this extender you're talking about...what exactly does it do? I ASSuME (see...see what I did there) that the extender is designed to lift the O2 sensor out of the exhaust stream a bit. The logic behind my not-so-educated guess is that with the high flow cat installed the exhaust coming from the cat would normally read richer than what the logic in the ECM would expect. By moving the sensor a bit out of the stream, it will see less of the exhaust stream and thus return more "normal" readings.

It almost sounds as though the extender pulled the O2 sensor TOO far out of the stream and now you're getting a "too lean" error. The other question is what was the engine code you received when the extender was left off the car? This may also help troubleshoot the issue.
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