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paint problems

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hey i have had my sky one month now and it has been in and out of the shop for factory paint defects. the first time it was on the fenders you could see through the paint it looked like a brownish color. the second time the doors did not match the paint from the first touch up. the third time i said it looked horrible they took it overnight and cleaned it after i asked them to paint it and they said they would. i got it back and noticed some overspray on the front bumper and white spots coming through on the back bumper, also the doors still do not match up. they called me and told me they are going to do nothing about the paint and i could bring my car up to the SATURN OF CARY dealership when the rep from the factory makes their visit at the end of the month. so as of right now i am paying for a 26k car and have only had it in my possesion for 2 1/2 weeks and the time i have had it the paint looks horrible. what can i do about this. i am really upset and dont know what to do
please help with suggestions.
my car is black and they say thats why the paint isnt right.:mad:
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my dealer fixed a ding and got paint on my rear quarter panel...i was so pissed but on the other hand to scared to bring it back to them so i fixed it my self
Damn sorry to hear it. Missy is black too but I have had no paint issues. It is my understanding that if you want a black paint job to match all the way across you have to paint the whole car. As well they should as it is a new car. Hopefully this works out when you go in and talk to the Saturn Rep.
does your paint on the car look even all the way across because they are telling me that it will not because of the different materials used for this car. i am going to call saturn of america tomorrow and see what they have to say
Now my paint job is even all the way across. I have a little orange peel effect that I figure I can work out later but there is no other problems with the paint. Sounds like someone is grasping at straws.
Not to be dumb, but what is orange peel when it comes to paint. Like to see a pic.
I will try to get some pictures tomorrow of it. Think surface of an orange with all the little pock marks across it. I will see if I can get my digital camera to focus in on it.
I think it is that dimple effect I used to get when I painted to heavy and did not wait for the layers to dry correctly. Looks just like the peel of an orange.
ranps1 said:
I think it is that dimple effect I used to get when I painted to heavy and did not wait for the layers to dry correctly. Looks just like the peel of an orange.
Dimple thats the word I was looking for thank you. :cheers:
thanks all i needed to know was that it is even all the way across when it comes from the dealer.
Paint Problem

My Sky is Silver Pearl and there is a small "pimple" on the passenger side, rear fender. Salesman said I could have it repaired. May do that but it is really very small and wonder if they would make it better or worse?? Good dealer, just never have used their body shop. Other than that small problem my Sky has been all I expected.

Silver Pearl
Pure Enjoyment
peeksdad, make sure they have the silver pearl paint. I took my car in last
Tuesday for a little chip next to the tail light. I get the car back the next day
and paint does not match. You can see a 12 inch darker circle where he painted on top of that I have overspray on most of the car, needless to say I am rather upset about the whole deal. Went back to dealer Saturday only to find out the owner of the auto body shop is on leave for a week. So I am in limbo til next week. I think the dealer gave the auto body shop plain silver from current inventory.
just got off the phone with saturn corp. told them my whole story in full detail and they said the dealership has done me wrong. they told me about the vehicle exchange program that the dealership "just forgot to mention". they also said it is only good for 30 days. on the 30th day i brought my sky back and spoke to the owner and he told me to come back tomorrow which i think is totally shady of him not to tell me about the exchange program. the saturn rep told me she would send the case to the regional center and see what they can do for me.:confused:
My personal opinion on body work and who does it is very serious. I'm pretty sure most Saturn dealerships have rookie body guys fresh out of tech schools. If it was my car I'd be up there a$$ to take it to my body guy! If you don't know of one check your area for body shops that work on Porshe, Jaguar, BMW, Corvette, and other stuff.

Just my opinion.

My midnight blue had a rough spot under the clear coat on the driver's side door. I didn't even notice it, they did. I took it in and they repainted the door. It's perfect. Don't they have to have you sign something when you pick up the car that they told you about the 30 day exchange program? I love my dealer! Never a problem.
I started out with one of those "pimples" as you call it. A small grey dot that at closer inspection looks like the clear coat is lifting off of the color. Now my whole car is covered with them. I am taking it to the dealer to see how they are going to handle it tomorrow. My sky is 6 months old with 24k miles. I will keep you posted.
I have a piece of debris that got caught in the clear coat on the decklid. I made sure it was noted when i bought the car incase it needed to be fixed. I decided to leave it be, hopefully it never needs to be tended to.
Keep calling corporate until that dealer gives you a NEW CAR, PERIOD!!! :mad:
Saturn of Newport News, like most saturn dealers, does not have their own paint shop. They sublet body work out to a shop that is well known in this area for their show quality paint jobs. I may just end up with a better paint job than factory. The service manager identified the defects right away as somthing that needs to be dealt with. He is contacting the warranty manager and should get back to me soon. I will keep you posted on how they handle the situation.
Well for what it's worth, I have a yellow sky. I was changing out wheels and cracked the front fender on one side. Took it to one of the best body shops in town. They were able to match the paint perfectly, but they told me up front that with the yellow, it's a clear coat yellow, so it has to be applied in layers. In order to truly have the car match on all body panels, it is best to have the same person paint each piece counting his strokes and using the same stroke style, otherwise not all panels will match perfectly. I have to say kudos to my guys because they did great. However, if you look at some of the other body panels that came from the factory, in just the right light, you can see they don't all match up. I don't think they paint the car all at once with the same person- probably done in batch pieces by computer. Would assume that is the same for all colors, so it's possible the black car you got won't match all over, and best to get entire car re-painted by professional or have Saturn give you a new one. The dealer jacked you by not telling you about the 30 day exchange.
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